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The graphic design consists of producing graphical content for communicating information relevant for the end-user. Graphic designers are artistic experts who specialize in the elements of graphic designing. These professional designers use the laws relating to visual hierarchy and marry them with layout methodologies, typography and pictures in order to meet the requirements of the interface end-user. Graphic designers pay attention to the flow of elements in interactive user interface designs to enhance the overall experience of the platform.

Same, Same but Different

Graphic design and user experience design go hand in hand, but they are slightly different. While user experience design looks at the entire user experience of using a platform, graphic design looks at how the elements of the platform are first formed.

While the term graphic designing was first coined in the early 1900s due to the growth of the print industry, it has transformed into an entirely different industry today, supporting the game design and interactive interface design. Graphic designing is the art of marrying UX design with marketing. As a graphic designer, you would have to pay attention to the logo, typography, images and colour to ensure that it is not only satisfactory for the target end-user to look at but that your designs also tick the boxes of the brand.

With this in mind, it is important for graphic designers to possess the skill of empathy, as they work with UX designers in designing an entire customer experience with a humane perspective. Graphic designers also need to be mindful about information architecture when it comes to designing an entire layout and typography. After all, the words need to make sense with the background and pictures. 

Two Important Elements

A common theme in graphic design is colour choices. If you think the colours of brands and companies are at random, think again. There is a lot of studies done in understanding the deep psychology of colour and what it represents to the human brain. In graphic design, this is an important element as it not only brings out the essence of a brand, but it ensures that the right message is being sent to the users on their end. 

Typography, another crucial element of graphic design, includes font, size and arrangement of words. This is not to be confused with information architecture, which looks more at the how and what the information is relaying. More commonly, in logo design, understanding how the typography blends in with the rest of the elements of the design are crucial in ensuring a successful logo. Understanding how the logo would be visually received by the end-user is important as part of a company’s branding strategy. 

Graphic design has evolved, and while often linked to digital marketing, has taken many forms. Graphic design has now moved into the art scene, where large canvases and art showpieces are being made using graphic design software. With the influx of the digital marketing era, companies are always looking to improve their campaign, and graphic design is a key part of this. 

With all the creativity and demand, graphic design is a great industry to be in, and it is here to stay.

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