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This is the official website of Newtown North Indian Diner which is a restaurant located in Newtown, Sydney. The website has been given a serene as well as a sophisticated look. The colour red and a well-suited photo background have been used on the site. While the website may look simple at first glance, it has an allowance for a reservation booking system. Though the website does not have many pages, it does have an interesting Indian sub-continent food photo gallery which might catch your attention right away. This website is our attempt into the new age design foray. It stands out because of its simplistic approach to design, an approach that appeals to a new generation of visitors and those that are avid seekers of straightforwardness. After designing brochures for the restaurant, their website followed which only showed their faith in our design acumen. Keen to Design has also been involved in the photography part of this website.

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