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Industry: E-commerce 

The website of Rug Art is an E-commerce website, where the primary challenge was to make it user-friendly with natural navigational links and the dominant design had to be attractive yet simple.

This website is a perfect combination of competent programming and striking design. The site was carefully considered with flowcharts and content placement plans because we wanted it to be perfect on one go. Our intelligent graphic designers laid remarkable layouts to make it easy for the programmers who had been working long and hard to meet the technical requirements of this website.

We have used the modern banner format because it was a feature that would make the website look aesthetically attractive. The portion below the banner has been kept very simple with single pictures theme, and the dominant colour was one that fit the theme of handicrafts perfectly. Hence the shades of red came into play. The buttons have been kept very simple. With the same great programming portions added to it, the website is a perfect blend of aesthetics and functionality.

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