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Your website is your always-on, 24-7-365 digital representative for your brand. Website design is the art and craft that ensures your site speaks your audience’s language, catches their visual interest, and provides exactly the right information and functionality that those users will expect from you. Good design helps your site attract viewers and keep them hanging around, two big factors behind most search algorithms, too. 

So whether you’re building a brand new site or revamping one that’s been around for a while, it’s crucial to keep the best practices and principles of good web design in mind as your site evolves. 

Our web design articles cover the broad topic of web design from soup to nuts. No matter what kind of site you want to create—whether that site is for a business or a nonprofit—whether your audience consists of other businesses, consumers, or a mix—KeenToDesign’s team of web design experts have crafted in-depth articles packed with the full range of information you need to make the best decisions about your new or revamped website. 

From conception to wireframe, from design principles to advice on selecting the best Australian web design company for your site project, we’ve got the design process covered here.  

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