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What is website development? Simply put, it’s the process of building a functional website. While some companies and freelancers use the terms interchangeably, they’re really separate processes that, together, combine to create your site. 

The design process typically results in a mockup, a visual representation of your site and what it will look like on the web once it’s gone live. That design includes all the site’s aesthetic and visual elements, such as the layout, colour scheme, and basic architecture, as well as its basic utility or functionality. A website developer can then take that compelling design and turn it into a fully functional live website that your users can browse, use and enjoy. 

Here, we’ve collected our best articles about website development, including pieces about responsive web design and development and best practices for SEO-friendly website development. We’ve also written some guides that professional website developers and people who are training for those careers will find helpful, such as a salary guide for Sydney web developers and some advice from professionals about landing your first design/development job in Sydney.

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